Tuesday, September 30, 2008

SAM's first birthday

SAM our little man!! He is now a mover and a shaker. He stands on his own and takes 3 steps before crashing head first. He climbs our stairs and has started to turn himself around and go down the stairs.
We haven't been able to take his 1 yr old pix yet because he always has a goose egg and bruised on his forehead. And he has this face rash that won't go away. But, despite this he is still all smiles. My daycare ladies threaten to take him home. So he so snuggley. You pick him up and he lays his head on your shoulder. It melts my heart. Lately, he is become a daddy's boy. I tried to take him out of Gordon's arms and Sam had a death grip on his daddy and started screaming. Gordon loved it he says he doesn't get enough of Sam. But as a Mom i'm sad my little baby is ready to venture on his own with the big boys. I wonder if he'll want me after Gordon takes all the boys this weekend while I run my marathon. I'm sure, boys always come back to Momma. (I'm gone and Gordon goes to his Momma). Boys do have a special bond with their Mom's.
Sam loves his walker and to trhow balls. He grabs his neck while drinking his bottle or if he is really tired. He also loves to give people wet kisses and he and mommy do eskimo kisses before bed. He'll grab my face his both of us chubby hands and try to move my head back and forth nose to nose. He just laughs. We love this little toe-head. Which we are suprised he is so light when he was so dark for the first 6 months. WE LOVE YOU!!!