Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Children of the Corn

We went to Cornbelly's which is a corn maze and this year the corn field maze is shaped as American Idol singer David Archuletta. They had more activities than I thought for the kids. They had a big jump on it pillow and pedal carts and we can't forget the mini-cow train ride. We did the corn maze and after a 1/2 hour of following the boys directions we saw the emergency exit and told them they did it! They conquered the maze.

I tried to semi-coordinate all of us in orange. We don't have very many family photos done.

Parker took this picture of Gordon and I. He is a great photographer. He says he wants to be an artist when he grows up.

Don't be surprised if this is our Christmas card photo. It turned out cute. You never know what your gonna get when strangers take your photo. This girl actually asked feet or no feet?

Saturday, October 18, 2008

The Tooth Fairy

This photo was taken moments after Parker lost his first tooth. He's been playing with it all day and it happened to come out in the car on our way home from the zoo. Gavin and Dylan were yelling "Parker's bleeding" and I almost gave everyone whiplash from swerving to the side so fast. He was so excited to have lost his first tooth and couldn't wait for the weekend to be over to show his friends and teacher. That night I put his tooth in a baggie and I labeled it with the date and how he lost it. I did this because I was talking to my Mom and Dad who where in town for the weekend; and Dad said he has a drawer full of teeth he kept and has no idea what mouth they once belonged in.
Parents who have had children loose teeth what do you do with them after the tooth fairy arrives? Keep them or throw them away? I don't think kids will care to have their baby teeth given back to them as an adult.

Parker put his baggie under his pillow and the next morning he stormed into our room holding up the baggie. Our hearts sank. The tooth fairy forgot. I told him the first tooth his speical and the tooth fairy wants him to keep it. I ran to the purse for his gold dollar and shook his pillow and wallah money appeared. Then all was forgiven. He now has another tooth loose and the tooth fairy said she wouldn't forget this time.