Sunday, August 30, 2009

Sam made it to 2 Years

Sam made it to his 2nd Birthday, barely. He always has bumps and bruises and his most traumatic just three weeks ago. We bought him a helmet (a little late we know). We thought we would get him a Spiderman scooter to go with his helmet. I think we'll only take it off in the car and at bedtime. With all the accidents he is still a sweet happy well-mannered boy. We did cupcakes for him. It's sad by the time his birthday comes we are caked out from the other 2 August birthdays.

He's wearing his birthday boy shirt with his priceless, toothless smile. We sure love you my sweet, sweet Sam.
Sam loves trucks, singing "Popcorn Popping" and loves to read books. His favorites are "Sam Sheep", Chicka Chicka Boom Boom, and his Oops book. I'm not sure of the real title. It's about colors and a turkey who puts his clothes on funny and it says Oops instead of a color.
Here's our sweet boy he had the most hair off all the boys. Sam is our Mr. Smiles. The boys call him little man. He tries to be a big help to baby brother Loga. Always giving him loves and helping Mom find his clifford binky.
We love you blue eyes. Happy Birthday!!!!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Dylan is 5!

Dylan is 5 and he is so excited! He is going into Kindergarten to Mr. Matt's class. Parker is excited to show him around Channing Hall and pick him up from class for car pool. Dylan is really excited to be 5 because he can now play the big kid sports. No more itty-bitty, he gets the real deal now. He is currently playing soccer and is signed up for flag football in the Fall.
Dylan loves to be with his Dad fishing, but he really likes it when just the two of them go for a bike ride. Dylan is great at riding his bike. This past spring we took off his training wheels and that same day he was jumping the curb. He still likes puzzles and coloring and he is into Pokemon cards thanks to his older brother.

Dylan is Mr. Independant. He is content doing his own thing like play Nintendo or Wii all day. He was born to be a gamer.
This is Dylan's baby photo and I think Logan looks like him. Dylan is so sweet even though he gets picked on by his older brother Parker and his younger brother Sam. Dylan has that lady killer smile and sweet baby blues, he can get away with most anything.
Dylan you are so precious. Happy Birthday! WE LOVE YOU!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Parker's 7

HAPPY BIRTHDAY PARKER!!!! We can't believe he's 7 and going into 2nd grade. Gordon said he feels old, I'll feel old next year when he get's baptized and starts cub scouts. Parker has been my little helper with his younger brothers. Parker loves to do crafty things, play the Wii with Dylan and to collect Pokemon cards. He just finished coach pitch baseball and is starting soccer this week. He likes all the sports except basketball. The buzzer was too loud.
His first driving lesson at Grandpa Thompson's house.

Baby Parker! He started small 7 lbs 3 oz then he chunked up and became solid. Now at 7 he is still solid but is getting tall.

My sweet boy! He is very caring about other people but as the older brother he thinks it is his birthright to be the boss. But he sure loves his brothers!
We love you Parker! Happy Birthday!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Sam's Big Fall

Sam is a climber and he is fearless. On Tuesday August 4th he had a big fall off the kitchen counter. He's climbed up on the counter before, he doesn't even use a chair and puts his feet on top of the drawers and pulls himself up. I get him down and tell him no climbing you'll get hurt. Well, that is what happened and he got hurt really bad. He was screaming and he had a mouth full of blood. I grabbed a towel and gave him the once over trying to locate the source of the blood. I looked and he had all teeth his nose looked ok then he stuck out his tongue and I noticed a large hole in the middle. I called the pediatrician and they said if the hole is big enough for food to get trapped then he needs to go to the ER and have it stitched. I called Gordon can't get a hold of him. I had a text sent. I knew it would be hard to love Sam and take care of the baby in the ER so I called my sister-in-law Sonya and my niece Lynlee came over to watch the boys. I am so grateful they were able to help out and know that the baby was being taken care of since we were in the ER for over 4 hours.

I got a hold of Gordon and he was with his Regional Manager in Park City. I would call him from the ER. The Dr. gave Sam a sedative then they papoosed him and he started screaming. I held my own until he called Mamma, Mamma and I started crying. He was so wiggly the Dr. had a hard time stitching, I glanced over and noticed his front teeth were bloody and they just looked wrong. The front 3 bottom teeth were lying flat towards his lips. They stopped tryingt to stitch saying the damage was more severe than they thought and needed to call a dentist. I called Gordon and it took me a minute before I could talk. All I could get out was "I need you its bad."
The Dr. said there was avulsion of his bottom 3 teeth with gingival laceration. I had 2 different dentist opinion and both said my options were to try to re-seed the teeth or take them out. Re-seeding may or may not work and he would have to have root cananls on all 3. The first tooth on the left you see in the picture was loose as well but it stayed upright. But it may have problems later.

The lines in the picture are the stitches. They started an IV for the anesthia and it took a lot for him to relax. The Dr. said he was a stubborn one. He tried to bite the Dr while he was under. It was like watching a horror film. The body was eerie still arms in mid-air and eyes wide open but eyelids and tonuge twitching. It was freaky and I never want to see that again. Icried and rubbed his legs hoping he knew mamma was there and praying that he would be ok. The nurse said Sam wouldn't remember anything.
Where the top lip hits his tongue it is raised a bit this is where the hole was in the middle but he bit all the way across his tongue. His tongue looks way better than it did. Everytime he opened his mouth I would cringe and cry. He's doing OK now. He wakes up 1 or 2 times at night screaming and he kicks, hits and throws things in pain and frustration. His word "watch" is now more like "wash."
Sorry the video is dark.