Sunday, November 16, 2008


Sam's favorite word is uh-oh and he says it so cute. On Saturday I heard him wake up from his nap and he was fussing but not crying, so I thought I would give him another minute. Next thing I heard was THUD! Gordon and I looked at each other and ran to his room I could hear him behind the door crying. I asked the boys if they went in and they said no. Parker has gotten him out of the crib before. Sam evidently climbed out of his crib, fell and crawled to the door to get out. I tried to soothe him and Gordon lowered his crib all the way. I have no idea how he did it but he's a smart one.
This is the weekend funny. David and the girls spent the night on Friday while Tara was on her girls trip. We put the kids to bed and Gordon wanted to watch some T.V but couldn't find the Tivo remote. (We don't watch T.V. unless it is on Tivo). We looked for an hour then David said look in the trash. Gordon did and dumpster diving was negative. We kept searching and even took flashlights into the boys rooms to look. I was done and told Gordon maybe this is a sign we watch too much T.V. He wouldn't have it. I asked if he check the trash he said yes and I asked about the recycling. His comment why would I check in there. I went outside and the remote was in the Frosted Flakes box. I had the box next to the door that afternoon to take out and Sam (Gordon's not so sure it was Sam) put the remote in the box and I threw it away. There was a pop can in the box so the rattling didn't phase me. Yes, we are back in front of the T.V.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Happy Birthday Dianna!

Happy Birthday to me to me! I can't believe I am 31. Gordon let me sleep in today then he fixed breakfast and put a candle in my blueberry muffin which the boys blew out for me and then sang Happy Birthday to Mommy. The boys took turns opening my presents and they were all wonderful. Thanks Mom for the watch, shirts and cute purse. Gordon got me a Garmin watch, a hint to get me back running. It has been 2 weeks since I ran last. Our family is doing a Turkey run (5k) on Thanksgiving morning. We are going to stroll the boys while we run. I bought myself alpine trees to go in the family room for Christmas.
Gordon also gave me a special something something to be revealed in a couple weeks he said. So stay tuned for the special something something surprise!!! :)

I've always loved Panda Bears, they are cute and cuddly looking.

MY current likes are: 1) Biscoffs (the cookies that Delta passes out for a snack), 2)sewing: current project hooter hider for Edon and I'm still working on the boys rag blankets. 3) I Like to watch biggest loser and Prison Break 3) sneaking the boys Halloween Candy 4) Forever Strong, the movie about Rugby. It was a good show and made me miss the good ole' days where I'd run and score and Danielle would tackle for me. We think we'll have the boys go to Highland High just to play. 5) currently listening to Music and Lyrics cd, best song Buddha's Delight.