Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Logan 1 year old!

Happy Birthday Logan!! We can't believe that you are one years old. Where did it go? Logan has been such a joy in our family, he is so sweet and good natured. Having 3 older brothers you need to be able to "roll" with it. The 4th child gets loved a lot, sometimes a little too much. Parker would take him out of his crib in the morning because he didn't want him to cry. Sam and Logan share morning milk together. It reminds me of Parker and Dylan they had their morning milk together too. One had the sippy one had the bottle. I was starting to get worried that Logan wouldn't have any teeth but finally at 11 1/2 months his bottom two teeth popped up. They still aren't fully in but at least you can see them. He is not walking by himself yet and were in no hurry. He does pulls himself up and walks around furniture or he pushes chairs and his baby walker around. Also, he has done the army crawl forever and the boys and I got down on our hands and knees to show him how to crawl on his knees. So he just started this month crawling on his knees.

He loves balls and opening cupboards to yank everything out. He still loves his binkie, snuggling and being rocked before falling asleep. Sometimes in the morning we don't know he's awake because he's sucking on his binkie and has turned on his music toy. Just relaxing and waiting!

He loves the bath and loves to splash.

Sweet Newborn Logan! He looks a lot like Dylan.

I'm glad that this phase of my life is over!!!! One year ago!

But it is worth it to bring such a sweet, precious boy to this Earth! It is a miracle! I will miss that newborn baby smell.

His brothers love him so much and ask me all the time what he is saying. They know only Mama speaks baby! I usually make something up or use it as an opportunity to have something come from Mama via baby.
Logan we love you Happy Birthday!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Legoland and Disneyland

There are just too many pix to choose from. We took 460 pictures. SO here are a very small sample of our Disney trip. It will get easier next time we go. You have to be 7 to ride the rides alone and 54" to help someone younger. So Parker went on the rides alone and Gordy and I traded off taking Sam and Dylan while the other person sat outside the ride with Logan. Gordy and I didn't mind the arrangement but Logan did. He was tired of the stroller after awhile snacks just don't cut it. We had a great time. We did 1 1/2 days at Legoland and 1 day at California adventure and 4 days at Disneyland. Then we spent 1 day with Danny, Danielle and Rosabelle in their beautiful new home. We were BUSY BUSY BUSY!! But worth it to see the smile on the kids faces (especially Sam's) when he saw one of the characters. Mickey, Buzz and Goofy were his favorites. He tried to kiss everyone. They would pat his head and he would say "I love you, you're my buddy." The boys highlight was getting to train in the Jedi academy and fight Darth Vadar with lightsabers.

Logan kept tugging his ears off. Parker preferred the baseball hat to ears this year.

Sam would not top talking about Buzz! The boys were great with him waiting in line to take his pix with the characters.