Thursday, April 16, 2009

Bath Time

I was getting the bath ready for Dylan and when I went to get him Sam thought he would also take a bath, fully clothed. He loves baths and showers. Sometimes he has two a day. A shower with Daddy in the morning and one at night with Parker and Dylan.
If Mom won't undress me I'll get in anyways!!

MOM I'm all clean! Where's Dylan?

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Happy Easter

Happy Easter!! We had a neighborhood Easter egg hunt and it was fun. It was a little cold and it started to rain (that's why Sam is in his winter hat instead of bunny ears). Aren't my bunnies cute? They had 2 baby chicks and a bunny to pet. Sam kept saying "woof woof" to the rabbit. Guess we need to work harder at our animal sounds.
The kids 2 and under didn't really get the whole pick it up and put in your basket. Sam picked one up tried to open it or he's sit down for a break. It is his first Easter egg hunt. Last year he just sat in the stroller and watched.

All 3 boys were in different "hunting" spots so I only got pictures of Sam. The boys still got tons of eggs doing it by themselves. I was with Sam and Gordon was at work. He misses all the fun!!!
I wanted one more picture of their cute faces and it wasn't going so well. Sam just wanted his candy, Parker was cold (he's been running a fever) and Dylan "hates pictures". It can be torture, I keep saying just one more and 10 pictures later I let them eat their candy. This was the best one.