Sunday, September 27, 2009


Do you think he's had enough ninnie-pie? I went to Motherhood to buy a new nursing bra and FYI the smallest size is 34B. What about those smaller women? Maybe they think a couple extra nursing pads will fill it up. I had the girl measure me so I could have the right size. Since, according to Oprah the majority of women wear the wrong bra size. Well she forwarned me she was new, she took my measurements then couldn't find the quick conversion chart so she called her boss. The boss said according to the measurments I was a 34D. I chuckled and said I would never fill a D cup, even when my milk first came in and I was engorged I couldn't fill a D cup. I walked out with a 34 B and went to Target for nursing pads!!
I like nursing 90% of the time. Let's be Honest that first month is a rough one. With Parker they didn't have cute nursing covers or even ugly ones for that matter. You just used a receiving blanket. I remember Parker and I were both under the blanket trying to figure it out. It was comical and now after 4 babies I can nurse, cook dinner, and talk on the phone all at the same time. It is rough at first every 2 1/2 hours it seems that's all you do at first is nurse. I just get dressed, eat and it's time again. Since it seems all I do is nurse the first 2 months I have finished 3 books. I like to nurse and read at the same time. It is also my excuse to get away for a few minutes or out of dinner clean-up.

But, I wouldn't trade in those precious moments just the two of us for anything. Just me and him for just a few minutes. I love the milky face when he's done and the satisfied, relaxed look when he's had enough.


Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Logan's Blessing Day

Dressed in white and looking like an angel was Logan. Gordon gave him his name and blessing and he did a great job. The circle was small this time since only David and Grandpa Davenport were in Utah. We've been spoiled with the other 3 boys having all their aunts and uncles close by.
Gordon was nervous but he gave a beautiful blessing and he bore his testimony also.

It's not easy getting all the boys to smile or even look the same direction. As the boys like to say "you get what you get and don't throw a fit."
Gordon and I appreciated having his sister Sonya and her boyfriend Luke at church to support us for Logan's blessing. Gordon asked how she felt being "Mormon" for an hour. It meant a lot to him to have her come.
Thanks Mom and Dad, Grandma Shirley, David and Tara, Sonya and Luke for coming down for Logan's special day! We love you!
We are grateful to have such a wonderful family and are blessed to kn0w that we have an eternal family. These 4 boys are precious and I wouldn't trade them for the world (most days)!