Friday, December 10, 2010

Baby No More!

Logan had his first haircut. It has been driving Gordon crazy, and I have been reluctant to let the baby hair go. We suprised him on his dayoff. Here are some pictures before the cut.

Parker and I loved his little curls. When we were in Arizona for Thanksgiving he took Sam and Logan in a store and people don't him his baby girl was adorable. He wants people to know Logan is a boy. I told him it's his fault he gave me all boys and I'm just working with what I got. Logan is cute enough to be a girl! Now pretty boy is more fitting.

He sat in the chair like a big boy. He didn't cry or fidget. He was as good as gold.

Sweet boy, say goodbye to your golden locks. I did put a curl in a ziplock. If I ever get around to scrapbooking his baby years i'll put it in there.

This is the after cut. Lots shorter, she finger cut it instead of using clippers. I'm not ready for the buzz cut yet.

Mommy's angel! Sad to see the baby hair go becuase it makes them loose their baby look. Since he is my last baby boy I wanted to hold onto it as long as I could.

A proud Daddy to have a "son" again.