Saturday, January 24, 2009

Brothers Bonding

I am amazed at myself for updating my blog twice in one weekend. Anyways, I was downloading our Christmas photos and thought the one of Same and Parker is our funniest photo. Sam's Great-Aunt sent him a book that you put your face in and become that animal. Well, Parker was showing it to Sam and Sam just put his head between Parker's legs. Sam thinks he's funny when he does it.

Friday, January 23, 2009

Wet Pants

Parker and Dylan don't like to get the bottom of their pants wet! They walk through the snow and pull their pants up. But Sam doesn't mind being wet!

This is the puddle at the end of our driveway.
OOPS!! He didn't cry, he got back up for more and more and more!
His pants looked like this. He didn't want to come inside so I had to pick him up kicking and screaming. He cried the whole time I was trying to change him into dry clothes. Sam is going to be my outdoor boy.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Let them in?

Two nights ago while among peaceful dreams I barely am aware of the door opening and pitter patter to Gordon's side of the bed. Dylan had come into our room and he always goes to Gordon's side of the bed because guess who is always on my side, Parker. Parker usually doesn't come in until 5 am and crawls over me (I sleep on the edge hoping for my own space). Sometimes Parker wakes me up asking for me to hold him. I have to be touching him. He is a mommy's boy. Anywho, 2 nights ago after Dylan has been in our bed awhile he gets up and leaves. I wonder why until I roll over and hit the dreaded wet spot. Oh sure pee in my bed then leave to change into dry clothes and hop in your DRY bed. Well what do I do at 4 am. I roll over hoping Gordon doesn't find out because he'd make me get up and change the sheets. Minutes later he realizes Dylan left and asks me where he went. I played dumb and rolled over. Well he felt the wet spot got up grabbed a towel put it over the wet spot and got ready for work.
Not a good morning to have to strip the sheets, mattress pad, feather bed thing and the mattress was soaked. I go through spurts where I let them come in then I tell them to stay out of our bed for awhile and threaten to lock the door. Sometimes I think that their little it won't last much longer and they'll be to big or too cool for snuggles with Mom so why not enjoy it. (except for when they pee us out of the bed). My Mom says I did the same thing when I was little. Sorry Mom and Dad I now know how frustrating it must have been.