Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Sorry Sam

I know I am months after the fact but at the end of August after Dylan's birthday I was spent. Poor Sam's birthday was 4 days later and I couldn't keep up. Football and school had started and the hours rolled into days and now it's October. Maybe by Thanksgiving I'll get around to writing about Parker's baptism. Mother's guilt I still want to do a shout out to my Sammy Whammy in case I ever do one of the blog books he'll be in it. (I know you have to update a blog to have a blog book). Anyways, Sam is now 3 and I am glad to be out of the 2's. Not because they are supposedly the terrible two's but because it was a rough year for him. He got a new baby brother just before he turned two and 3 weeks before his birthday he had his great fall and lost 3 teeth. Here's hoping the 3's are uneventful and emergency room free.
Sam is such a happy boy. He had so much hair. He's 6 weeks old and he needs gel.

Oh my sweet Sam he was such a trooper. It only added more character to him and his speech is fine. I have to love on him everyday because he is so dang cute and loveable.

Daddy's boy hardcore. If he gets hurts while Gordon and I are together I'll stand up and go to him and he runs right past me to his Daddy. H eloves playing football with the boys. He's always on Dad's team (no suprise). We go old school and use socks for flags.

This was one of those naughty moments when he got curious with a black magic marker. What was he doing with marker? I had a newborn who knows what he got into. Sam you brighten up everyroom and I love you to the moon and back!!!