Sunday, June 29, 2008

Yes, we feed him (under the table)

At Sam's 9 month Dr.'s appointment he said to supplement him more with formula and table food to get him back up on the curve. He only weighed 15# 7 oz and only grew 3/4 inch. This concerned the Dr. so we started giving him more formula and tablefood. We just let him loose under the table and let him feed himself.

When he is in the highchair he naps.

Friday, June 20, 2008

Sam's Army Crawl

Sam is getting around like you wouldn't believe. He sits up okay but usually face plants it after a couple of minutes. He rolls around the room to get what he wants. Then in the middle of our Sunday school class he started to army crawl to one of the boys scriptures. Then out the window the lesson went as 5 six year olds (and us) clapped and cheered Sam on. He has since been a very busy little guy. We've started to barricade him in the family room so he doesn't move to the stairs. No toy is safe from his mouth now that he is on the prowl.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Good News and Sad News

Good news is that Gordon is getting a promotion sad news that we need to move to Albuquerque, New Mexico ( I had to google how to spell it). Which for those who can't remember their geography (DaNae) it is a four corner state. It is between Arizona and Texas. We are putting our house on the market mid July. His promotion is "official" March 2009 but they want him their full-time between Sept./Oct. So if our house doesn't sell then we'll see him every other weekend. Not sure on details. I guess there is the National Atomic Museum. I think the boys will love that.
Any positive feedback on NM would be helpful. We are excited for Gordon's big break but sad about leaving Lehi we really like it here. But I guess all good things come to an end eventually. It is possible in 3-5 years of moving back to Utah. But, who know maybe we'll actually like New Mexico and stay. We'll see what happens. A new adventure awaits the Thompsons!

Sunday, June 15, 2008


We decided to celebrate Gordon graduating from University of Phoenix with a family trip to Disneyland. After all, we (the boys and I) were the driving force and we finally had our dad and husband back after 3 years. We had so much fun but it seems we need a vacation from our vacation. We had a busy week. We started our trip by going to Zion National Park and it was so pretty.
As a side note when asking random people to take your picture. Be specific. I should have told this man we would like to see the pretty red rock behind us not the red cement. I guess it is hard to take a picture when it is arms length away from you to see.

We spent the night in St. George and traveled to Vegas to see DaNae, Ben, Ella and Denton and Krystee were also there. We went to Hoover Dam which was cool the boys were disappointed the Allspark and the transformers weren't there anymore. We spent the night in Vegas then off to the happiest place on Earth. Parker loved Space Mountain which I had to ride with him, Gordon doesn't do well with motion and speed. He went on Buzz Lightyear with Dylan and Sam. We were disappointed you don't see a lot of characters anymore but we did go to the parades and saw them. I loved watching the boys faces when they saw their favorite characters! Priceless!
We also went to San Diego Zoo, Sea World and we spent the day with Danielle going to travel town in LA. Their house, yard and nursery look great. The boys kept trying to find the cats hiding spots. I'll end my first blog attempt with a collage of photos. I kept having different people take our picture in front of the castle till I got a decent one.