Tuesday, December 29, 2009

We made the nice list!

Logan's first Christmas and he slept through most of the present opening. We gave his presents to the boys to open. Don't you want to pinch his cheeks he's so dang cute. My Christmas baby!

This is the aftemath of the present destruction. We tried to go one by one and after each one put wrappers in trash bag. It doesn't look like it helped. We had a great Christmas! Parker did say after the 3rd clothing present "enough clothes where's the toys?" I think we had a good mix of toys and clothes. If Logan wasn't napping he was grabbing and sucking on whatever was in his reach.

He just couldn't hold out the whole time!

This is the before the destruction happened. Oh the excitement!
This year we did something different and had the boys wait on the stairs before they could see their Santa presents. Santa put the stockings in the basement this year because the boys we're trying to be sneaky and "catch" him. Parker woke up at 3am and came into our bedroom saying Santa ate the cookies, drank the milk and took the stockings but didn't leave any presents. "I'm on the naughty list." I couldn't resist saying "guess you better try harder next year."
All the boys ended up on the nice list by the skin of their teeth, but they made it. Santa even wished them a Merry Christmas!

Saturday, December 5, 2009

What happened in November?

Not sure where November went I realized a week into December that I haven't updated since Halloween. So, I am going to do a recap of what happened in November because it is now time for Christmas. I did a couple photo shoots of Logan. He is so sweet to take photos. He is laughing more and gets distracted by the boys when nursing. Wants to know what is going on. He likes to sleep with his hand by his face. He has discovered that his hands taste great and sucks on them all the time. I have stopped swaddling for this reason.

He is now loving bath time. It will be nice when he can sit up and I can bath Sam and him together.

We had a fort, movie and popcorn night (they each have to have their own bowl).
I had my 32nd birthday this month and took a photo of my biggest fans. After the cake and ice cream Gordon said "I forgot to take pictures, oops."

Parker and Dylan did wrestling for the first and last time. We thought we would try it and see but they didn't really like it. We weren't all that pleased with the program either. The tournament was a lot of work. They were exhausted after losing. They both were pinned after a good fight.
I love how Dylan is smiling like it is the funnest thing in the world a big dog pile.

The boys loved the weekly flag football game with Dad. We don't have flags so we impervised and used socks. Days after playing Sam still wanted to wear his "flags" in his pockets. Yes, we went to the store wearing Dad's sock in his pocket. It was too cute. He'd say "Fag pease Mama"

Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween!

Transformers...robots in disguise. Autobots vs. Decepticons Who will win?

I want to get a toddler transformer one for Logan to wear. Wouldn't that be funny? The kicker is I bought an adult Optimus Prime on sale last year for Gordon and he said he wouldn't wear it so I took it back. He wished he had it this year!

Cute Logan's first Halloween! He'll help me pass out candy and I'll eat his share.

Batman wins! Sam will trick or treat as Batman because it fits him better. We definately get our money's worth out of costumes with 4 boys.

Parker is so sweet with his little pumpkin.

Friday, October 23, 2009

Sleepy boys!

Sam is the funniest at night. He now lets Logan be in "his" crib and he is sleeping in his toddler bed. He now has freedom at night to get out and fall asleep wherever. I have found him behind the rocker or his latest is pulling down the changing pad and sleeping on it. It's like hide n' seek everynight when we go in and check on him.
The boys like to put their fit in the pocket underneath th pillow to use as blankets.

Half on half off whatever you're young your back won't hurt yet. I do like having the Nemo pillow. I tell him to "lay down on Nemo" when he tries to get down.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Blessing photos take 2

I thought I would go Have Logan's blessing photos done and get a super cute one to hang on the wall with his brothers blessing pictures. Well I didn't like any of them so we raced home and I did my own photo shoot. I have a nice camera I can do it, but it is harder doing it solo. Once I pose him and get the camera he's rolled. I do need a sleeping angel picture. He likes to show off he baby blues in the pictures. The first one might be the one for the wall

I had to do a hat picture because it reminded me of Parker's blessing photo.
When Logan smiles he reminds me of Dylan.

Friday, October 2, 2009

Please stop growing!

Photo shoot time this session actually turned out cute. I fed him and waited till he fell asleep. I'm slowly getting up to DaNae's level of photos. But I did think these turned out cute. He is getting too big too fast. He's 3 months old now and I have had to put away some outfits. I think our wear time isn't long after wearing some of the same outfits as 3 older brothers. They've been washed 1 too many times.
He is my sweet angel boy!! He was meant to be in our family.

Sunday, September 27, 2009


Do you think he's had enough ninnie-pie? I went to Motherhood to buy a new nursing bra and FYI the smallest size is 34B. What about those smaller women? Maybe they think a couple extra nursing pads will fill it up. I had the girl measure me so I could have the right size. Since, according to Oprah the majority of women wear the wrong bra size. Well she forwarned me she was new, she took my measurements then couldn't find the quick conversion chart so she called her boss. The boss said according to the measurments I was a 34D. I chuckled and said I would never fill a D cup, even when my milk first came in and I was engorged I couldn't fill a D cup. I walked out with a 34 B and went to Target for nursing pads!!
I like nursing 90% of the time. Let's be Honest that first month is a rough one. With Parker they didn't have cute nursing covers or even ugly ones for that matter. You just used a receiving blanket. I remember Parker and I were both under the blanket trying to figure it out. It was comical and now after 4 babies I can nurse, cook dinner, and talk on the phone all at the same time. It is rough at first every 2 1/2 hours it seems that's all you do at first is nurse. I just get dressed, eat and it's time again. Since it seems all I do is nurse the first 2 months I have finished 3 books. I like to nurse and read at the same time. It is also my excuse to get away for a few minutes or out of dinner clean-up.

But, I wouldn't trade in those precious moments just the two of us for anything. Just me and him for just a few minutes. I love the milky face when he's done and the satisfied, relaxed look when he's had enough.


Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Logan's Blessing Day

Dressed in white and looking like an angel was Logan. Gordon gave him his name and blessing and he did a great job. The circle was small this time since only David and Grandpa Davenport were in Utah. We've been spoiled with the other 3 boys having all their aunts and uncles close by.
Gordon was nervous but he gave a beautiful blessing and he bore his testimony also.

It's not easy getting all the boys to smile or even look the same direction. As the boys like to say "you get what you get and don't throw a fit."
Gordon and I appreciated having his sister Sonya and her boyfriend Luke at church to support us for Logan's blessing. Gordon asked how she felt being "Mormon" for an hour. It meant a lot to him to have her come.
Thanks Mom and Dad, Grandma Shirley, David and Tara, Sonya and Luke for coming down for Logan's special day! We love you!
We are grateful to have such a wonderful family and are blessed to kn0w that we have an eternal family. These 4 boys are precious and I wouldn't trade them for the world (most days)!

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Sam made it to 2 Years

Sam made it to his 2nd Birthday, barely. He always has bumps and bruises and his most traumatic just three weeks ago. We bought him a helmet (a little late we know). We thought we would get him a Spiderman scooter to go with his helmet. I think we'll only take it off in the car and at bedtime. With all the accidents he is still a sweet happy well-mannered boy. We did cupcakes for him. It's sad by the time his birthday comes we are caked out from the other 2 August birthdays.

He's wearing his birthday boy shirt with his priceless, toothless smile. We sure love you my sweet, sweet Sam.
Sam loves trucks, singing "Popcorn Popping" and loves to read books. His favorites are "Sam Sheep", Chicka Chicka Boom Boom, and his Oops book. I'm not sure of the real title. It's about colors and a turkey who puts his clothes on funny and it says Oops instead of a color.
Here's our sweet boy he had the most hair off all the boys. Sam is our Mr. Smiles. The boys call him little man. He tries to be a big help to baby brother Loga. Always giving him loves and helping Mom find his clifford binky.
We love you blue eyes. Happy Birthday!!!!