Saturday, December 27, 2008

Merry Christmas!

Don't they look like angels? Sam did not like Santa, he would look up at him and cry then look at us and cry then back to Santa. I think it is their cutest Santa picture so far. The boys wrote Santa a letter and our elf "Ralphie" took it to him when he flies to the North Pole at night. The next morning Ralphie had a letter from Santa to us saying they were mostly good boys all year. Santa also sent some gold reindeer dust and told the boys to sprinkle it outside the house on Christmas Eve to help the reindeer with their landing. I loved this Christmas with them. So full of excitement, innocence and they BELIEVE. I caught Santa sneaking in their rooms on Christmas Eve. I'll post pictures of that later.

Sunday, November 16, 2008


Sam's favorite word is uh-oh and he says it so cute. On Saturday I heard him wake up from his nap and he was fussing but not crying, so I thought I would give him another minute. Next thing I heard was THUD! Gordon and I looked at each other and ran to his room I could hear him behind the door crying. I asked the boys if they went in and they said no. Parker has gotten him out of the crib before. Sam evidently climbed out of his crib, fell and crawled to the door to get out. I tried to soothe him and Gordon lowered his crib all the way. I have no idea how he did it but he's a smart one.
This is the weekend funny. David and the girls spent the night on Friday while Tara was on her girls trip. We put the kids to bed and Gordon wanted to watch some T.V but couldn't find the Tivo remote. (We don't watch T.V. unless it is on Tivo). We looked for an hour then David said look in the trash. Gordon did and dumpster diving was negative. We kept searching and even took flashlights into the boys rooms to look. I was done and told Gordon maybe this is a sign we watch too much T.V. He wouldn't have it. I asked if he check the trash he said yes and I asked about the recycling. His comment why would I check in there. I went outside and the remote was in the Frosted Flakes box. I had the box next to the door that afternoon to take out and Sam (Gordon's not so sure it was Sam) put the remote in the box and I threw it away. There was a pop can in the box so the rattling didn't phase me. Yes, we are back in front of the T.V.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Happy Birthday Dianna!

Happy Birthday to me to me! I can't believe I am 31. Gordon let me sleep in today then he fixed breakfast and put a candle in my blueberry muffin which the boys blew out for me and then sang Happy Birthday to Mommy. The boys took turns opening my presents and they were all wonderful. Thanks Mom for the watch, shirts and cute purse. Gordon got me a Garmin watch, a hint to get me back running. It has been 2 weeks since I ran last. Our family is doing a Turkey run (5k) on Thanksgiving morning. We are going to stroll the boys while we run. I bought myself alpine trees to go in the family room for Christmas.
Gordon also gave me a special something something to be revealed in a couple weeks he said. So stay tuned for the special something something surprise!!! :)

I've always loved Panda Bears, they are cute and cuddly looking.

MY current likes are: 1) Biscoffs (the cookies that Delta passes out for a snack), 2)sewing: current project hooter hider for Edon and I'm still working on the boys rag blankets. 3) I Like to watch biggest loser and Prison Break 3) sneaking the boys Halloween Candy 4) Forever Strong, the movie about Rugby. It was a good show and made me miss the good ole' days where I'd run and score and Danielle would tackle for me. We think we'll have the boys go to Highland High just to play. 5) currently listening to Music and Lyrics cd, best song Buddha's Delight.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Children of the Corn

We went to Cornbelly's which is a corn maze and this year the corn field maze is shaped as American Idol singer David Archuletta. They had more activities than I thought for the kids. They had a big jump on it pillow and pedal carts and we can't forget the mini-cow train ride. We did the corn maze and after a 1/2 hour of following the boys directions we saw the emergency exit and told them they did it! They conquered the maze.

I tried to semi-coordinate all of us in orange. We don't have very many family photos done.

Parker took this picture of Gordon and I. He is a great photographer. He says he wants to be an artist when he grows up.

Don't be surprised if this is our Christmas card photo. It turned out cute. You never know what your gonna get when strangers take your photo. This girl actually asked feet or no feet?

Saturday, October 18, 2008

The Tooth Fairy

This photo was taken moments after Parker lost his first tooth. He's been playing with it all day and it happened to come out in the car on our way home from the zoo. Gavin and Dylan were yelling "Parker's bleeding" and I almost gave everyone whiplash from swerving to the side so fast. He was so excited to have lost his first tooth and couldn't wait for the weekend to be over to show his friends and teacher. That night I put his tooth in a baggie and I labeled it with the date and how he lost it. I did this because I was talking to my Mom and Dad who where in town for the weekend; and Dad said he has a drawer full of teeth he kept and has no idea what mouth they once belonged in.
Parents who have had children loose teeth what do you do with them after the tooth fairy arrives? Keep them or throw them away? I don't think kids will care to have their baby teeth given back to them as an adult.

Parker put his baggie under his pillow and the next morning he stormed into our room holding up the baggie. Our hearts sank. The tooth fairy forgot. I told him the first tooth his speical and the tooth fairy wants him to keep it. I ran to the purse for his gold dollar and shook his pillow and wallah money appeared. Then all was forgiven. He now has another tooth loose and the tooth fairy said she wouldn't forget this time.

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

SAM's first birthday

SAM our little man!! He is now a mover and a shaker. He stands on his own and takes 3 steps before crashing head first. He climbs our stairs and has started to turn himself around and go down the stairs.
We haven't been able to take his 1 yr old pix yet because he always has a goose egg and bruised on his forehead. And he has this face rash that won't go away. But, despite this he is still all smiles. My daycare ladies threaten to take him home. So he so snuggley. You pick him up and he lays his head on your shoulder. It melts my heart. Lately, he is become a daddy's boy. I tried to take him out of Gordon's arms and Sam had a death grip on his daddy and started screaming. Gordon loved it he says he doesn't get enough of Sam. But as a Mom i'm sad my little baby is ready to venture on his own with the big boys. I wonder if he'll want me after Gordon takes all the boys this weekend while I run my marathon. I'm sure, boys always come back to Momma. (I'm gone and Gordon goes to his Momma). Boys do have a special bond with their Mom's.
Sam loves his walker and to trhow balls. He grabs his neck while drinking his bottle or if he is really tired. He also loves to give people wet kisses and he and mommy do eskimo kisses before bed. He'll grab my face his both of us chubby hands and try to move my head back and forth nose to nose. He just laughs. We love this little toe-head. Which we are suprised he is so light when he was so dark for the first 6 months. WE LOVE YOU!!!

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Happy Birthday Dylan

We love this blonde, blue eyed, independant 4 year old with a mischievious smile. He loves to play Donkey Kong on the ancient Nintendo 64 and he loves the Wii if Parker lets him play. Dylan is so sweet to his brothers (though lately he's starting to really fight back, I guess enough is enough). He started pre-school and loves being a big kid at the Apple school (Learning Dynamics). His favorite color is green and he loves sweets like his mommy. He still likes batman and he got a bike for his birthday that he is so excited about. He also got a leapster which is awesome since he is in the car a lot taking Parker to and from school.

We are so glad he is in our family. Everyone needs a sweet Dylan.

He does not like the sound of fireworks. He kept his ears plugged the whole time.
He LOVES Grandpa Thompson's ribs. YUM YUM!!

Friday, August 8, 2008

Happy Birthday Parker

The big 6! I can't believe you are six years old. We love you so much. What am I going to do when you go to first grade ALL DAY? I have some good ideas and so does Dylan. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! I can't believe he's 6 my once chubby baby now is getting tall and slim.

We are in Boise celebrating with Gordon's parents and sisters. We are going to a children's discovery center today, the boys will decorate their own cupcakes and then if it isn't blazing hot here again then off to the park I found while running last night.

Friday, August 1, 2008


Sorry we have been MIA from blogging. We had a computer virus and had to take it into the shop then we left for Spokane to mom's house for two weeks. Now we are starting to get ready for school again. Parker starts his summer reading/math program for 8 days at his school. Then school starts in two weeks for both boys. Also, August is our big birthday month. Parker's is this Friday the 8th then Dylan's on the 25th then Sam's on the 29th. We are going to party all month (after 3:30) when school gets out. I'll be busy this week trying to get his birthday blanket done. He picked out fabric (all super-heroes) and wants me to sew he and Dylan a blanket. When we give our sewing gifts to friends and family Parker always tells them "my Mommy made that." I hear how proud he is of our latest project and it makes me smile. Sam and Dylan too cute for words. They love smiling and posing in front of the camera.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

3rd bowling member

I was cleaning Sam's closet out and decided I should do a nostalgic photo shoot. These are my husband's baby clothes. I took a picture of Parker and Dylan in this outfit too. But, this is the first time I used the "Gordy" ball as a prop. Sam did great till I tried to put him on the bowling ball. Gordon doesn't think it's funny he's crying. I think it is cute. You can see in the other pix that I waited too long to take a photo shoot. The shirt is busting from the seams.

Please let me down now!
What a Ham!!!

Sunday, June 29, 2008

Yes, we feed him (under the table)

At Sam's 9 month Dr.'s appointment he said to supplement him more with formula and table food to get him back up on the curve. He only weighed 15# 7 oz and only grew 3/4 inch. This concerned the Dr. so we started giving him more formula and tablefood. We just let him loose under the table and let him feed himself.

When he is in the highchair he naps.

Friday, June 20, 2008

Sam's Army Crawl

Sam is getting around like you wouldn't believe. He sits up okay but usually face plants it after a couple of minutes. He rolls around the room to get what he wants. Then in the middle of our Sunday school class he started to army crawl to one of the boys scriptures. Then out the window the lesson went as 5 six year olds (and us) clapped and cheered Sam on. He has since been a very busy little guy. We've started to barricade him in the family room so he doesn't move to the stairs. No toy is safe from his mouth now that he is on the prowl.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Good News and Sad News

Good news is that Gordon is getting a promotion sad news that we need to move to Albuquerque, New Mexico ( I had to google how to spell it). Which for those who can't remember their geography (DaNae) it is a four corner state. It is between Arizona and Texas. We are putting our house on the market mid July. His promotion is "official" March 2009 but they want him their full-time between Sept./Oct. So if our house doesn't sell then we'll see him every other weekend. Not sure on details. I guess there is the National Atomic Museum. I think the boys will love that.
Any positive feedback on NM would be helpful. We are excited for Gordon's big break but sad about leaving Lehi we really like it here. But I guess all good things come to an end eventually. It is possible in 3-5 years of moving back to Utah. But, who know maybe we'll actually like New Mexico and stay. We'll see what happens. A new adventure awaits the Thompsons!

Sunday, June 15, 2008


We decided to celebrate Gordon graduating from University of Phoenix with a family trip to Disneyland. After all, we (the boys and I) were the driving force and we finally had our dad and husband back after 3 years. We had so much fun but it seems we need a vacation from our vacation. We had a busy week. We started our trip by going to Zion National Park and it was so pretty.
As a side note when asking random people to take your picture. Be specific. I should have told this man we would like to see the pretty red rock behind us not the red cement. I guess it is hard to take a picture when it is arms length away from you to see.

We spent the night in St. George and traveled to Vegas to see DaNae, Ben, Ella and Denton and Krystee were also there. We went to Hoover Dam which was cool the boys were disappointed the Allspark and the transformers weren't there anymore. We spent the night in Vegas then off to the happiest place on Earth. Parker loved Space Mountain which I had to ride with him, Gordon doesn't do well with motion and speed. He went on Buzz Lightyear with Dylan and Sam. We were disappointed you don't see a lot of characters anymore but we did go to the parades and saw them. I loved watching the boys faces when they saw their favorite characters! Priceless!
We also went to San Diego Zoo, Sea World and we spent the day with Danielle going to travel town in LA. Their house, yard and nursery look great. The boys kept trying to find the cats hiding spots. I'll end my first blog attempt with a collage of photos. I kept having different people take our picture in front of the castle till I got a decent one.