Sunday, August 22, 2010

Happy 6th Birthday Dylan

Happy Birthday Dylan!! Can't believe you are six years old and going into 1st grade. This blonde hair blue eyed boy loves to ride his bike and jump curbs. He'll try anything. In six years he's broken 1 bone, had tonsils and adnoids out and had to remove molding clay from his ear cause he just wanted to see what would happen. He is a very social boy and is a very good reader. We love you Dylan!

He loves Star Wars! Thanks for protecting us against the clones and Darth Vader my young Jedi.

Dylan likes flag football and will play again this fall. He is a fast little runner.

I loved him in his cute chicken costume! Those sweet toddler days go by too fast.

He still loves his cheetah named Tiger. Everywhere we go Tiger goes also. Dylan you are so precious and sweet we love you! Happy Birthday!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Rise and Shine it's school time!

First day of school!!! It's a good thing they started on a Wednesday so Gordon could help me get them up and out. They got up good it was hard to get them rolling and pictures maybe they'd be happier in their pictures if I took them after school. Parker is now in the 3rd grade.

Dylan is in 1st grade and excited to be able to play at the big kids toys.

Sam is going to our neighborhood pre-school twice a week in the afternoon so he can do itty-bitty ball in the mornings.
He loves his Handy Manny backpack that Gavin gave him. He feels just like a big kid. He says I can come with him. But not Logan he's too little.

In two years we'll have three in the same school and Logan in pre-school. Where does the time go? We do have cute boys!!

My boys at home! What will we do all day?

Well we went to the park after dropping the boys off. We pushed the babies on the swings, they played on the slides then we went home and put the babies down for a nap. Then Gordon and I celebrated the first day of school and a quiet house.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Happy 8th Birthday Parker!

Happy Happy Birthday Parker!!!! We love you! I feel like 8 years old is the first of many milestones to come. 8 is starting to be a busy year. Your not a little kid anymore your a big one and expectations are going to be higher. He has started Cub Scouts and has been having fun and learning lots of things. I'm his den leader and thrilled to be working with him. He is also getting baptized Sept. 4 and I bought him his first suit and real boy tie that Dad is teaching him to tie. The busiest thing so far has been tackle football. Parker was a big baby/toddler and now he has slimmed down to the 25th percent of his age group. He is the smallest boy on the team. I guess that's what happens when your born in August and other kids missed the deadline and are a year ahead in growth. Parker's 1 yr old photo.

Parker you are starting to grow so big Mom and Dad are proud of you. Your brothers love you!

We took Parker and some friends bowling and to play laser tag. Boys running around with laser guns, it just doesn't get any better. They had a blast! My video of bowling was too large to attach and Parker got a strike. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!