Tuesday, December 29, 2009

We made the nice list!

Logan's first Christmas and he slept through most of the present opening. We gave his presents to the boys to open. Don't you want to pinch his cheeks he's so dang cute. My Christmas baby!

This is the aftemath of the present destruction. We tried to go one by one and after each one put wrappers in trash bag. It doesn't look like it helped. We had a great Christmas! Parker did say after the 3rd clothing present "enough clothes where's the toys?" I think we had a good mix of toys and clothes. If Logan wasn't napping he was grabbing and sucking on whatever was in his reach.

He just couldn't hold out the whole time!

This is the before the destruction happened. Oh the excitement!
This year we did something different and had the boys wait on the stairs before they could see their Santa presents. Santa put the stockings in the basement this year because the boys we're trying to be sneaky and "catch" him. Parker woke up at 3am and came into our bedroom saying Santa ate the cookies, drank the milk and took the stockings but didn't leave any presents. "I'm on the naughty list." I couldn't resist saying "guess you better try harder next year."
All the boys ended up on the nice list by the skin of their teeth, but they made it. Santa even wished them a Merry Christmas!

Saturday, December 5, 2009

What happened in November?

Not sure where November went I realized a week into December that I haven't updated since Halloween. So, I am going to do a recap of what happened in November because it is now time for Christmas. I did a couple photo shoots of Logan. He is so sweet to take photos. He is laughing more and gets distracted by the boys when nursing. Wants to know what is going on. He likes to sleep with his hand by his face. He has discovered that his hands taste great and sucks on them all the time. I have stopped swaddling for this reason.

He is now loving bath time. It will be nice when he can sit up and I can bath Sam and him together.

We had a fort, movie and popcorn night (they each have to have their own bowl).
I had my 32nd birthday this month and took a photo of my biggest fans. After the cake and ice cream Gordon said "I forgot to take pictures, oops."

Parker and Dylan did wrestling for the first and last time. We thought we would try it and see but they didn't really like it. We weren't all that pleased with the program either. The tournament was a lot of work. They were exhausted after losing. They both were pinned after a good fight.
I love how Dylan is smiling like it is the funnest thing in the world a big dog pile.

The boys loved the weekly flag football game with Dad. We don't have flags so we impervised and used socks. Days after playing Sam still wanted to wear his "flags" in his pockets. Yes, we went to the store wearing Dad's sock in his pocket. It was too cute. He'd say "Fag pease Mama"