Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Momma's new ride

This is my long awaited Momma mobile. We can pick it up in a couple days. Gordon said he would never own one. Never say Never!! Like a good husband he's buying what his wife wants.

We are having a must needed DVD player (Parker & Dylan requested a movie in their car). Like they don't get enough TV time at home. It will be so great for a rode trip to Boise next weeekend. It is hard to share the 7" one between all 3. Now Parker and Dylan can watch their own movie if they want. I am so excited to have more space and so are the boys. Leather seats, automatic sliding doors, rear air, 8 seats and a reversing camera.

We have 6 weeks to go before baby "Ranger" comes to the family and I was starting to get nervous that we weren't going to have a car for him. But, it all worked out. When Momma's happy everybody's happy!!

Friday, May 1, 2009

R or no R that is the ?????

7 months pregnant. I now have 8 or 9 weeks left but who's counting? Pregnancy has been good for the most part I get a lot of back aches and heart burn. Heart burn is a sign of a head full of hair. Just like Sam hopefully. We do have baby name issues.

Gordon, Parker, Dylan and Sam all have a middle name that starts with R. Gordon is convinced that this baby boy will feel left out if he doesn't have a middle name that starts with R. I don't want to do R again. I really didn't want to do R with Sam but Gordon did so I let him pick it. No we haven't decided on a first name. I have to get this middle name issue resolved.

Basically what I need to decide is if I don't give him an R name will he have 1 more thing to blame his parents for when he talks to his therapist? Isn't that the excuse for adults "it all started in childhood, it's my parents fault?"

Use the poll and vote. Will this hurt his pysche? I mean the other 3 were born in August and he's hopefully going to be born in June so already he's different. Maybe he won't feel left out if we name him August. August Rush!!! That's it that's the name! Thanks for the Love. VOTE!!!